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Acarya Nemichandra’s Dravyasamgraha

Vijay K. Jain (E
© 2013

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Pages: xvi +216

Size: 16 cm (W) x 22 cm (H)

Hard Bound

Printed on Natural Shade Maplitho Paper

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Acarya Nemichandra’s Dravyasamgraha

By Vijay K. Jain (Ed.)

Subtitle: With Authentic Explanatory Notes

Keywords: Jainism; Siddha; Liberation; dravyas; tattvas; Pure Self; karma; Three Jewels; mantras; Acarya; naya; astikaya.

Foreword: Acarya 108 Vidyanand Muni
Language: Prakrit, Hindi, English
Prefatorial: English
ISBN 10: : 81-903639-5-6
Open Library: OL25425788M
Published 2013 by Vikalp Printers, Dehradun, India

About the book:
Dravyasamgraha is one of the finest classical Jaina texts, composed by His Holiness Acarya Nemichandra (c. 10th century CE). It deals primarily with the Realities (tattvas) that contribute to world process. The conduct required for attaining the ultimate goal of liberation follows from the knowledge of these Realities. Both, the transcendental and the empirical points of view, have been considered while explaining the nature of substances, souls and non-souls.

It will be of much use to scholars worldwide interested in pursuing the study of Jaina epistemology.

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