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Acarya Samantabhadra's Aptamimamsa (Devagamastotra) = Deep Reflection On The Omniscient Lord

Vijay K. Jain

© 2016

Price Rs. 500/-

Pages: xxiv +200

Size: 16 cm (W) x 22 cm (H)

Hard Bound

Printed on Natural Shade Maplitho Paper

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Acarya Samantabhadra's Aptamimamsa (Devagamastotra) = Deep Reflection On The Omniscient Lord

By Vijay K. Jain

Keywords: Jain nyāya and logic, valid knowledge, omniscience, anekāntavāda, syādvāda, saptabhangi, inference, pramāna, absolutism

Language: In Sanskrit; translation in Hindi and English; explanatory notes and prefatory matter in English
ISBN: 8190363980
Published Dehradun : Vikalp Printers, 2016

About the book:
Aptamimāmsā by Ācārya Samantabhadra (2nd century CE) starts with a discussion, in a philosophical-cum-logical manner, on the Jaina concept of omniscience and the attributes of the Omniscient. The Ācārya questions the validity of the attributes that are traditionally associated with a praiseworthy deity and goes on to establish the logic of accepting the Omniscient as the most trustworthy and praiseworthy Supreme Being. Employing the doctrine of conditional predications (syādvāda) - the logical expression of reality in light of the foundational principle of non-absolutism (anekāntavāda) - he faults certain conceptions based on absolutism. He finally elucidates correct perspectives on issues including fate and human-effort, and bondage of meritorious (punya) or demeritorious (pāpa) karmas.

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