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Ācārya Umāsvāmī's Tattvārthasūtra - With Explanation in English from Ācārya Pūjyapāda's Sarvārthasiddhi

Vijay K. Jain

Year of Publication: 2018

Description: xxx + 466 p. ; 23 cm x 16 cm

ISBN: 9788193272626

Format : Book

Hard Bound

Printed on matte finish art paper

Price : Rs. 750.00

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Ācārya Umāsvāmī's Tattvārthasūtra - With Explanation in English from Ācārya Pūjyapāda's Sarvārthasiddhi

By Vijay K. Jain

Keywords: faith (darśana), knowledge (jñāna), conduct (cāritra), soul (jīva), non-soul (ajīva), influx (āsrava), bondage (bandha), stoppage (samvara), shedding (nirjarā), liberation (mokşa), omniscience (kevalajñāna), substance (dravya), matter (pudgala), medium-of-motion (dharma), medium-of-rest (adharma), space (ākāśa), time (kāla), modes (paryāya), origination (utpāda), destruction (vyaya), permanence (dhrauvya), delusion (moha), vows (vrata), austerity (tapa), meditation (dhyāna), universe (loka)

Language Note: : In Sanskrit; translation in Hindi and English; explanatory notes and prefatory matter in English.
ISBN: 9788193272626
Published Dehradun : Vikalp Printers, 2018

About the book:
Ācārya Umāsvāmī's (circa 1st century CE) Tattvārthasūtra (spelled commonly as Tattvarthsutra or Tattvarthasutra), also known as Mokşaśāstra, is the most widely read Jaina Scripture. It expounds the Jaina Doctrine, the nature of the Reality, in form of aphorisms (sūtra), in Sanskrit. Brief and to-the-point, Tattvārthasūtra delineates beautifully the essentials of all objects-of-knowledge (jñeya). Sarvārthasiddhi by Ācārya Pūjyapāda (circa 5th century CE) is the first and foremost extant commentary on Tattvārthasūtra. Sarvārthasiddhi is an exposition of the reality - the true nature of substances, soul and non-soul - the knowledge of which equips one to tread the path to liberation, as expounded in Tattvārthasūtra. There is beginningless intermingling of the soul (jīva) and the non-soul (ajīva) karmic matter. Our activities (yoga) are responsible for the influx (āsrava) of the karmic matter into the soul. Actuated by passions (kaşāya) the soul takes in particles of the karmic matter; this is bondage (bandha). Obstructing fresh inflow of the karmic matter into the soul - samvara - and its subsequent separation or falling off from the soul - nirjarā - are two important steps in attaining the infallible, utterly pristine, sense-independent and infinitely blissful state of the soul, called liberation (mokşa).

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