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From IIM-Ahmedabad To Happiness

Vijay K. Jain
© 2006

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From IIM-Ahmedabad To Happiness

By Vijay K. Jain

Subtitle: For those who have achieved success in life
ISBN 10: 8190363905
Open Library: OL25254705M
Published 2006 by Vikalp Printers, Dehradun, India

About the book:
This book is not about academics, not even about success; it is about happiness which we all, in the ultimate analysis, are striving for.

The book is for those who have achieved success in their worldly affairs but hold that their role in life is much bigger than just pushing figures, making strategies, and managing men.

Happiness, the book suggests, resides not in any outside object, but must spring up from within. Man's search for happiness is a search for a lost or hidden article, not of anything new. Each one of us has the power to regain the lost health, vitality and happiness, provided one develops the right faith, attains knowledge and then follows the right path.

The contents of the book have been divided into eleven chapters, as under:


1. Welcome
2. Working Up The Corporate Ladder
3. In Pursuit Of happiness
4. Health Is More Than Wealth
5. Fear Kills; Grief Takes Life
6. The Hygiene Of Food
7. Everything Revolves Around Faith
8. Knowledge Is The Key
9. The Logic Of Prayer
10. Virtuous Living – For That Spring Of Life
11. Blossoming Of The Love Buds

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