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Acharya Umasvamiís Tattvarthsutra

Vijay K. Jain (Ed.)
© 2011

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Pages: xii +163

Size: 16 cm (W) x 22 cm (H)

Hard Bound

Printed on Art Paper

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Acharya Umasvamiís Tattvarthsutra

(Words in the title are also spelt as: Acarya, Umaswami, Umasvati, and Tattvartha Sutra)
Vijay K. Jain (Ed.)
Subtitle: With Hindi and English Translation
Foreword: Acharya 108 Vidyanand Muni
Language: Sanskrit, Hindi, English
Prefatorial: English
ISBN 10: : 8190363921
Open Library: OL25250188M
Published 2011 by Vikalp Printers, Dehradun, India

About the book:

A special feature of Acharya Umasvami’s Tattvarthsutra is that it is the first Jaina scripture written in the Sanskrit language. The work is of great value for the beginner as well as for the learned. Its composition has great charm. Each Sutra is composed in least possible words and can easily be memorized. Many Jains recite these Sutras.

Tattvarthsutra is invaluable for understanding life, and pursuit of happiness. The hardships and afflictions that we have to endure are of our own making. Our deeds, driven by passions, lead to sufferings and reproach in this world and in the next. Virtuous activity alone, which is the cause of merit (punya), leads to joyous feeling, auspicious life, charming and lustrous physique, and high status. Our ultimate goal is the attainment of the divine attributes, in fullness and perfection, of our souls. We can reach our goal only through the three-fold path of right faith, right knowledge and right conduct.

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