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Acharya Kundkundís Samayasara

Vijay K. Jain (E
© 2012

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Pages: xvi +208

Size: 16 cm (W) x 22 cm (H)

Hard Bound

Printed on Art Paper

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Acharya Kundkundís Samayasara

(Words in the title are also spelt as: Acarya, Kundakunda, Kunda Kunda, Kundakundacharya, Samaysar, and Samayasar)
Vijay K. Jain (Ed.)

Subtitle: With Hindi and English Translation

The most profound and sacred exposition in the Jain religious tradition

Foreword: Acharya 108 Vidyanand Muni
Language: Prakrit, Hindi, English
Prefatorial: English
ISBN 10: : 819036393X
Open Library: OL25250151M
Published 2012 by Vikalp Printers, Dehradun, India

About the book:
As Acharya Vidyanand writes in the Foreword of Samayasara, it is the ultimate conscious reality. The enlightened soul has infinite glory. It has the innate ability to demolish the power of karmas, both auspicious as well as inauspicious, which constitute the cycle of births and deaths, and are an obstacle in the path of liberation of the soul.

 is an essential reading for anyone who wishes to lead a purposeful and contented life. It provides irrefutable and lasting solutions to all our problems, concerning worldly ways as well as spiritual curiosities and misgivings

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